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About CHR


Rapid urbanization of Indian cities has had far reaching consequences on heritage resources  of our country. The pressure of development, coupled with adhoc urban planning has led to an alarming situation; wherein our heritage resources such as Architecture, Visual, Performance culture and Craft Traditions are fast disappearing. As a society we have to be in a position to safeguard our heritage. This is our responsibility for our next generation. However, Heritage Conservation is a multi-disciplinary subject and needs expertise and approaches that are not easily available in many cities. Universities such as Navrachana are in excellent position to provide for such expertise owing to their multi-disciplinary nature and depth in fields such as Architecture and Design. 

School of Environmental Design and Architecture (SEDA), at Navrachana University is uniquely placed to provide guidance to local bodies, evolve specialised solution through research and engage with the society to raise awareness on questions of Heritage Conservation. 

The Centre for Heritage Research (CHR) was established in September 2020, with the intent of providing guidance to local bodies, evolve specialized solution through research-based processes and engaging with communities wherever pertinent. Vadodara has this long-standing history of being one of the progressive princely states during the period of Gaekwads, alongwith its patronage towards art, architecture, nature, innovation, technology, education, and social reforms. Hence, projects identified and considered under CHR were recognized on basis of their relevance and association with either city, community, socio-cultural values, education, or technological innovation with architectural explorations.


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