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The activities undertaken at Centre for Heritage Research (CHR) focus on: 

  • Documentation and Research of Heritage Resources

  • Design Social Outreach Programs and Initiatives

  • Consulting Projects

  • Repository Based Projects

The projects undertaken in Phase-I are researched by the faculty members and students of School of Environmental Design and Architecture (SEDA) at Navrachana University which are as follows:


Laurie Baker in Vadodara 

Architect Laurie baker is known for his cost-effective and sustainable approach to architecture using local materials and building practices. It was in mid-1970's when he was invited by the industrialist Nanubhai Amin to work in Vadodara.

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Narrow Gauge Railway Heritage of Vadodara

This project is an ode to an important part of history to the Nation's first Narrow Gauge Railway which began a change in the landscape of India in terms of travel and transport.

Vad of Vadodara Brochure March 2022-final_Page_2.jpg

Vad (Banyan Tree) of Vadodara

"Vad of Vadodara" is a multi-disciplinary research project under the Heritage
Research Centre, Navrachana University.

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Heritage Publications

Students at School of Environmental Design and Architecture (SEDA) have been documenting various historical settlements in the country. As a way to bring this wealth of information to public domain the Heritage centre has initiated a publication series on the Vernacular Dwelling types of various regions of India.

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